As the “Big Amnesty” looms, important questions which the American public should ask themselves:

Once 10-15 million illegal aliens get legalized, will they be eligible to petition for family members as is allowed under immigration law? If you think the answer is no, think again. After the “Big Amnesty”, the potential to add 20-30 million, low income, unskilled immigrants who will be dependent on social services is very real and will happen under family reunification petitions within a 3-5 year period.

If the amnesty criteria requires that the alien have been present in the US prior to the upcoming Executive Order, what constitutes proof? If your thinking W-2 forms and tax records, think again. The vast majority of illegal aliens are being “paid under the table”.

Will criminal history be a factor or will there be waivers for offenses such as DUI and other crimes?

Will an alien who was formally deported by an immigration judge and re entered into the US again, thus committing a felony, be eligible?

A year after the “Big Amnesty”, if an alien crosses the border illegally and makes it to the interior, will DHS officials be allowed to deport them or will the deportation system be so convoluted that it will be almost impossible to send back all but the most serious criminal aliens?

How far into the future will we have open borders? Open borders flowing one way, from Latin America into the United States.

There are an unending amount of questions that will have implications for the future of the United States as a nation.

The only thing we know for certain is that the American taxpayers can not afford to pay for housing, healthcare, education and all the other myriad benefits that go with supporting 10-30 million low income immigrants.

If there ever was a time for the American public to contact their elected officials and voice their concerns, that time is now.





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